Safe House 2 Starring Hazel Hypnotic

Hazel gets delivered to the farm in a foam lined box. She is wrapped in plastic wrap, which a sensory deprivation hood over her face. She is dumped out into the harsh bright light. She is freed from her bonds. But she is unable to comply fast enough with her captors questions and demands. She must be cleaned.

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Hazel Hypnotic on Infernal Restraints

Hazel Hypnotic on Infernal Restraints

Purple Rain…Rain DeGrey is no Prince but She Sure Can Scream

Rain just keeps getting herself into these predicaments. She finds herself bound and completely fucked as Cyd cuts off her dress and runs the sharp blade of the scissors across her skin, her nipples, her neck…but this is just the beginning. Cyd won’t stop until her tits are purple, her ass is red and her face is completely tear streaked.

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Rain DeGrey on Infernal Restraints

Rain DeGrey can’t stop cumming

Bailey Blue – Blond Bondage Slut with All Holes Filled

Bailey Blue may be a big LA porn star, but that doesn’t mean she is not the real deal when it comes to bondage. She loves it, and it shows. Cyd binds her in harsh leather cuffs in the perfect spanking position. He hits her with heavy leather gloves on until her ass is red; A stark contrast to her pale complexion and features. Then he filled her ass and pussy with big, wide red plugs. And a tight gag seals her mouth. That’s why they call her the “Sealed Shut Slut”!

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Bailey Blue on Infernal Restraints

Bailey Blue Spanked

Blind Haley Rue Experiences BDSM in a Different Light

Being blind makes Haley Rue’s bondage experience completely different than any other. Watch how she reacts to being hung upside down. How would a blind person react to being hooded? They already can’t see, but you can tell how it diminishes the other senses and breathing. Blindness is Haley’s permanent blindfold…perfect for BDSM fetishists like us…

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Haley Rue on Infernal Restraints

Haley Rue Bound and Gagged

Cadence Cross was a Bad Bunny

Cadence Cross is a bad girl. She’s got tattoos and piercings. Half of her head is shaved. She gets punished by PD. Then she gets tortured by Cyd Black. What has she done to deserve such treatment? Oh nothing much, she’s just a true masochist.

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Cadence Cross on Infernal Restraints

Cadence Cross on Infernal Restraints

Elise Graves: Extreme Torture

Elise Graves is in a straitjacket. She has a big red ball gag harnessed to her face. The harness is hooked up to a pulley to keep her head up. Her legs are tied out, leaving her ass, thighs, calves and feet fully exposed for Cyd’s canes and other torturous implements…Elise Graves loves to suffer and she gets a lot of it here.

Watch Elise Grave caned on Infernal Restraints

Elise Graves on Infernal Restraints

Elise Graves on Infernal Restraints

Elise Graves Screams Loud

Cyd Black inserts a metal rod into Elise’s asshole. Then he attaches it to some electricity. Then he turns it onto the setting where, if you make any noise, it shocks you. Then he puts the sensor right next to Elise’s mouth. Then she tries to stay very, very quiet…

Watch Elise Graves bound and suffering with electric torture here.

Elise Graves Suffers Electricity on Infernal Restraints

Elise Graves Suffers Electricity on Infernal Restraints