Purple Rain…Rain DeGrey is no Prince but She Sure Can Scream

Rain just keeps getting herself into these predicaments. She finds herself bound and completely fucked as Cyd cuts off her dress and runs the sharp blade of the scissors across her skin, her nipples, her neck…but this is just the beginning. Cyd won’t stop until her tits are purple, her ass is red and her face is completely tear streaked.

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Rain DeGrey on Infernal Restraints

Rain DeGrey can’t stop cumming

This Week on Hardtied: Ravaging Rain

Rain DeGrey loves anything extreme. Extreme torture, extreme orgasms, or even both together! This outdoor bondage shoot has all the extreme BDSM that Rain craves. Forced feeding. Water bondage. Predicament bondage. Corporal Punishment. All in challenging rope bondage outside.

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Rain pulls off her own nipple clamps.

Rain pulls off her own nipple clamps.

Rain DeGrey Forced Feeding

Rain gets force fed in bondage

Rain in a water bondage predicament

Will Rain survive the rain?